AT 091 CN 41 – Salisbury to Sages Ravine Campsite

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7/29, Day 91, CN 41 – Salisbury to Sages Ravine Campsite, 7.5 miles

Our first stop after breakfast was the library for internet access. This is the first free public library in the US established in 1803 for youth aged 9-16. The beautiful building looks like a gothic church of stone and oak.

Ken’s Tilley hat has developed a hole above the sweatband. It happens on every long hike. We have the replacement procedure down. The great part is that the hat is guaranteed and Tilley replaces the hats for free. Great service!

We ate lunch in the courtyard of the small shopping mall. Marcia is napping in her chair. We will take it easy the rest of the afternoon, eat supper in town, then hit the trail. We aren’t sure how many miles we will get today. Perhaps as few as .2! We haven’t had a zero mile day since June 7.


By mid-afternoon we were tired of sitting around the shopping plaza. We bought deli sandwiches and sodas and decided to stroll through the woods.

Our stroll took us over rocky Lions Head then up on Bear Mountain. There was a large stone tower built there in the 1800’s. It was believed to be the highest point in CN. Now the tower is a 10 foot pile of rocks and Bear Mtn is the highest peak in CN. A MA mountain has a shoulder in CN that is higher. Nicest view we have had in a long time though. The weather was clear and we could see 360 degrees.

We are required to camp in designated areas and we could hear all the people where the campsite was long before we could see it. We even had a tent platform.

This area is more open, varied and gentle so we are enjoying hiking here.

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