AT 090 Iron Bridge to CN 41 – Salisbury

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7/28, Day 90, Iron Bridge to CN 41 – Salisbury, 8.8 miles

This was a glorious, perfect hiking day! The temperature was cool with a light breeze and the humidity is way down. The trail was beautifully manicured and went from flat strolls to hills and one big climb and then down to town.

Salisbury is so picturesque that it could be a Disney setting. The laundry is in the next town and as we were bemoaning that fact with another hiker in the PO a local offered to drive us to the laundromat! (She has movers at her house to move her to Sonoma, CA near us!)

We have noticed that all the towns are lacking at least one of our required services for a re-supply. But what we are just figuring out is that these small towns are very close together. Saying the laundry is in the next town is like us saying the laundry is downtown not in our local shopping area.

Dinner and a room at White Hart Inn was a treat after we got our chores done. The inn is a historic landmark in the area. The flowers in this town are breathtaking. Many varieties are new to us.

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