AT 089 Stony Brook Campsite to Iron Bridge, 17.8 miles

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7/27, Day 89, Stony Brook Campsite to Iron Bridge, 17.8 miles

Connecticut sure has its roller coaster trails! The last 2 days have been up and down, up and down. That type of trail wears us out quickly. And our knees, ankles, and hips take a beating with the steepness of both the ups and downs. Yesterday we came down St Johns Ledges. This was one of the steepest trails we have seen. We lost over 300 feet of elevation in less than 100 horizontal feet. Many, many 18-inch steps down. Slow travel and we only get credit for horizontal miles!

The trail compensates for the steep parts by walking along the Housatonic River for several miles at a time. It is a big, flat, slow moving river. It has been contaminated with PCBs. We were warned not to filter water from it. It is so brown we wouldn’t filter from it anyway.

Tonight we walked through upscale Canaan, CT. It was incorporated in 1739. We walked past the Regional High School on the river. The buildings and campus would make a beautiful college campus. After the high school we walked along a paved nature trail to the hydroelectric plant. We looked for the free outdoor shower but didn’t see it. It didn’t matter because it was trying to rain. The river looked steely grey and was choppy from the rain.

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