AT 088 Ten Mile Lean-to to Stony Brook Campsite

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7/26, Day 88, Ten Mile Lean-to to Stony Brook Campsite, 15.9 miles

The AT seem to breed serendipity. Last April, I read ATWannabe’s journal as I was preparing to start. The unthinkable happened and she suffered a stroke. With the help of other hikers she was evacuated to a hospital. As I hiked I often thought of her sad and unfair situation. Now, jump to my hiking today. As we approached CT341 we discussed whether we would go to town for lunch and decided if a ride was available we would go, if not we would hike on. The driver of the car waiting at the road was ATWannabe who drove from Ohio to see hiker friends and do a few day hikes! I was elated to meet her and see her strong and healthy.

Groceries at our last resupply were from a gas station mini-mart so we are short of bread and cheese for lunch. That is why we have been “going out” for lunch. Someone also asked if we had extra dinners. We have put a couple of our least favorite in town hiker boxes where other hikers on a small budget can pick up food. We have mailed a few complete days food ahead to be eaten later, so we are not carrying excess food. We are both hungry enough that one more snack per day should be added so we can use extra food then.

More trail magic was provided today by a fellow hiker’s wife. SeaBee is from Texas and his wife flew out to visit. We have been camping at the same required sites and he will be behind us after his vacation. We will miss him.
Our mileage today was so low because we had a 4 hour lunch. Again lots of calories consumed to finish the day.

Another strange thing we noticed today – the cicadas are back. Not nearly the racket they made in the south. We have heard them and seen the tell-tale holes in the trail where they have emerged.

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