AT 087 Morgan Stewart Shelter to Ten Mile Lean-to

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7/25, Day 87, Morgan Stewart Shelter to Ten Mile Lean-to, 20.7 miles

Our milestone today was our entry into a new state, CT. Regulations change and we are required to camp in designated sites or shelters so we stopped early today.

We got an early start this morning and walked 10.7 miles by lunch so we walked down a road to a deli. This is the third day with off-trail miles. The worst part was that a van selling hot dogs was at the trail when we got back.

The forest is still open with attractive rock formations and nice duff trail. We haven’t seen acceptable surface water for several days. All water is tea colored from iron or leaves or both. Our campsite had a well and pump with sweet cold water and we slept well by the confluence of Ten Mile and Housatonic Rivers.

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