AT 086 Lake Canopus to Morgan Stewart Shelter

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7/24, Day 86, Lake Canopus to Morgan Stewart Shelter, 16.0 miles

Each section of trail has a person or group responsible for blazes and signage of the AT. In this area Elvis Trailsley has lavished such care on the trail that we think he deserves recognition. He has painted the crispest, white blazes very frequently and used the same white paint on any toe-stubber in the trail so the rocks look like mini glacier topped Mt. Kilimanjaros.

Almost all the hikers in the campsite hurried out early this morning. Seems they all have packages in Kent, CT and need to be there by noon Saturday. We don’t! But our normal hiking schedule seems to fit with theirs for a few days anyway.

We found a deli for an afternoon snack- pint of ice cream, box of Pringles, cokes, and a slice of pizza. It powered us up the hill late this afternoon.

… GottaWalk

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