AT 085 Fort Montgomery to Lake Canopus

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7/23, Day 85, Fort Montgomery to Lake Canopus, 18.2 miles

The owner of another motel drove us back to where we got off…almost. We hiked past our exit yesterday and had to hike the looong bridge over the Hudson River again. Both times we hiked the bridge we saw passenger trains passing between the river and a large green field lined with trees. This time we saw a swan family of two adults and 3 cygnets. The littlest was a dirty gray so we said he had to be the ugly duckling.

West Point is near here and we heard booming cannons all day. We still hear traffic noise. The trail is on a narrow corridor of public land surrounded by private land so we are never far from civilization. It seems as though we hike up over a hill and down to cross a road and then do more of the same.

Open forest nice rocks and views make the hike interesting. We had to hike a mile off the trail to camp at a Fahenstock State Park so there were 11 AT hikers in the hiker area. Hot showers made the extra mile worth the hike.

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