AT 084 Brien Shelter to Fort Montgomery

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7/22, Day 84, Brien Shelter to Fort Montgomery, 9.0 miles

Several inches of rain must have fallen last night accompanied by lightning and thunder throughout the night. The rock shelter was constructed against a solid rock wall and water ran in a sheet down the back of the shelter, across the sleeping platform and puddled on the dirt floor.

We got up when the rain stopped at 6:30 am. Hiking was wet but nice and we really did not want a rock challenge with wet rocks so the trail led…down to Bear Mtn SP. Great! This was the cradle of the AT and includes an animal park of local wild animals (bear, red & silver fox, coyote, porcupine, bobcat) and plants were labeled. The lowest elevation on the AT at 124′ was in front of the bear cage.

My head is spinning from starting the day with a violent storm at a rustic shelter and ending up in a metropolitan area that included bus loads of children out for a day at the park. This contrast is the essence of the AT experience.

We ended the day in a hotel bed. Ahh! Laundry is done; a nice meal that someone else cooked; post office business is done.

… GottaWalk

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