AT 082 Longhouse Road to Allis Trail

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7/20, Day 82, Longhouse Road to Allis Trail, 12.1 miles

Our new shoes took us up the trail but started late. Time to Fly drove us the 1.1 mi back to the trail and the day was already hot. We left NJ for the last time and will spend a few days in NY.

We followed a ridge of wonderful huge boulders and from several points could see the NYC skyline. We would have really enjoyed the boulders, but the ups and downs took a lot out of us in the heat (mid 90’s).

We provided our own trail magic at a road crossing with a sign that said that a new ice cream store opened .1 mile down the road. Wow! Nothing has ever tasted so good and so refreshing. We went back to the trail with new energy and dashed to a campsite above the falls. Low stone walls surrounded us and we heard that this heavily forested area was cleared and farmed as recently as 75 years ago. A square rock wall looked like the foundation of a building. Fireflies danced for us as we finished eating and slid in our sleeping bags. They are a treat that I will miss off the trail.

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