Day 102 Summit Lake

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Ken or Marcia Powers
C/O General Delivery
US Post Office
Old Faithful Station, WY 82190

CDT through hiker
Estimated Pick-up Date 8/12/2002
Will hold packages 30 days.

8/6, day 102, 15 mi
Today is town day with showers and Laundry at Old Faithful. The geyser spewed forth at high noon and was the highest and fullest that we have ever seen. We’ll try for another view as we leave on the walk behind Old Faithful on our way to our camp at Summit Lake later today.

A new, extra chore included a stop at the clinic. Five days ago an insect flew in my ear (I know you’re laughing) and we were unable to get it out with light, water or olive oil. The Dr was successful and I gladly paid $159. I kept telling Ken afterwards that my ear feels so good now. Besides, cookies and candy from Jane are helping greatly.

The hike from Old Faithful To Biscuit Basin past the geysers was action packed with both geysers and people. When we left Biscuit Basin we also left all the people behind. The hike to Summit Lake was through the burn area with the new trees from a few inches tall to six feet tall. No one uses the trail we were on except CDT hikers so the trail was sketchy. We followed a ravine with great rocks and boulders and it opened occasionally into pretty meadows.

As we were eating supper at Summit Lake Marcia kept hearing noises. Finally I picked up a can of bear spray and headed into the forest by the lake. The lake was almost black as it reflected the forest on the other side under turquoise skies. The lake has a golden ring of reflected sunlight where something had broken the smooth surface. Just then 2 ducks quacked and took flight from the lake. They looked like they were running over the lake to gain speed and elevation. Each step was a golden crescent on the lake. Really a beautiful picture that couldn’t be captured on film.

Then the ducks lit on the lake with a splash. They were right back where they started. A few seconds later the ducks took of again.

Just then Marcia called, “Hot chocolate is ready.” What a perfect evening.

… Gottawalk

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