AT 136 East Branch of Pleasant River to Nahwakanta Campsite

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9/12, Day 136, East Branch of Pleasant River to Nahwakanta Campsite, 23.5 miles

The campsite beside the Nahwakanta River had room for many tents but we were the only people there plus critters.

As we left this morning the rising sun cast a red glow on the trees and water.

The trail today was nearly flat and we made good time all day. We thought about going into White House Landing, a back country resort. We would have to hike off-trail for 1.6 miles and then sound an airhorn. The owner then comes across the lake in a boat to pick us up. It has very good reviews along the trail. We decided that we would eat the food we have been carrying and get ourselves into better position for summiting Mt Katahdin.

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