AT 083 Allis Trail to Brien Shelter

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7/21, Day 83, Allis Trail to Brien Shelter, 17.6 miles

NY has blueberries, deer, rain and rocks. The difference is that the hills seem to top out almost vertically and require us to boulder up with hands and feet. Today was another day of ups and downs that were great fun the first two times. Then we got tired with the physical demand of the climbing. We ate lunch early for energy and then muscled our way through the Lemon Squeezer. Then we were so tired and sweaty and dirty that we really looked like thru hikers. Exhaustion made us eat our afternoon snack a couple of hours early.

NYC was supposed to be visible early this morning, but we could barely see the next mountain. The fog was thick until late morning.

A road that we were supposed to cross led to Tiorati Lake in Harriman State Park. We took the road looking for a Coke machine and ran into a BMW commercial filming crew and lunch pavilion. They said for us to help ourselves! We used restraint and manners and only took a Coke apiece. As we were walking on to buy our 2nd Coke a man said wait here and I’ll bring you hot dogs. We did as we were told for our next course! Yum!

After we had another Coke and put another in our pack for supper, we set out to climb a few more hills. The terrain got a little smoother, then we got hit with a thunderstorm. We could hear the thunder coming up the hill. The thunder seemed to roll thru the valleys bouncing the sounds back and forth. The rain stopped as we approached the shelter. We quickly cooked supper and set out our sleeping bags on the shelter floor.

… GottaWalk

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