Day 019 North from Pie Town

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5/15, day 19, 31 mi., 7600′
We spent last night at Nita’s house and met 2 of her 5 children. She lives in Pie Town right on the trail and found us as we arrived in town and immediately offered showers, phone, internet, etc. She is also the pie baker at Pie-o-neer. We hadn’t heard of her as a Trail Angel but she took in her first hiker in 1980.

We checked on the Internet and found the Santa Fe and Carson National Forests are closed. I guess we will find out in Grants if this includes CDT hikers.

We’ve road walked along the divide due north out of Pie Town at a steady 3 miles/hour. We started in a juniper and pinon forest and a huge blue sky, a blue that we don’t see in CA. As we walked the forest got sparser and white fluffy wooly sheep clouds appeared (in cattle country ;-D) A “tea break” sounded good so we’re lying on our Tyvek at a windmill (spinning merrily in the wind) with the cows and are thinking that possibly we will filter some of their water out of their stock tank. Hard decision. It’s nice to be out of the sun. Then we walked until sunset.

The guide says that the good thing about the road walk today is that it is the shortest route between the start and finish of this section. That is true – but the road is straight, well graded, and has little elevation change. All that contributed to making a big mileage day.

… Gottawalk

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